Our mission and vision is pretty straightforward:
Cut out the troubles and headaches home owners face when looking to hire or hiring a carpet cleaner that does the job perfectly well, without having to first go through the whole trial and error method, while saving cost and time.

Carpet cleaning professional was founded by Arthur C. when he moved into his new apartment and decide to use the service of a professional carpet cleaner. As usual, I was faced with so many options, with the first been how to find a good carpet cleaner near me. Then the problem of cost and professionalism followed.

I ended up hiring three local carpet cleaners who almost damaged my carpets. Thankfully, I finally found one, but sadly, I have already spent well over $1,000 doing trial and error.

Challenged with the problem I had faced, I decided to go all into carpet cleaning. got professional training and then started out as a professional carpet cleaner. Even if I love carpet cleaning, it pains me to see people make the same silly mistake I made in the early days.

So, I created carpetcleaningprofessional.com to help match home owners with only the best carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning companies near them. Now, there’s no need to worry over hiring a pro carpet cleaner for your home carpet cleaning needs.

CarpetCleaningProfessional.com is a team of professional carpet cleaners that exist to match home owners with the best manually vetted carpet cleaners near them, for their carpet caning needs.

Other Services we offer

As with carpet cleaning, we also train home owners on how to clean their carpets properly while doing it like a pro, as well as provide detailed reviews of the best carpet cleaning products out there that they can buy.

As you can see in these reviews:
Best carpet cleaning machines for home owners – Reviews and buying guide.
Best Vacuum cleaners of 2019 – Reviews and buying guide.

Whats more interesting? We train regular people on how to become a pro carpet cleaner and start their own carpet cleaning business from home that generates high return revenues every month.

We sincerely hope that you find carpet cleaning professional to be a useful resource and guide that helps you navigate safely through the complicated world of carpet cleaning.

Arthur C.

Our Core Values

We never let go of our values.

Quality Service Driven

We manually check and match only the best professional carpet cleaner with home owners seeking for a professional carpet cleaning service, while keeping cost and their preferences checked.

Passion Driven.

We are driven by a fierce commitment to always try new ideas and enrich peoples experiences with carpet cleaning services.

Authentic Writing.

We put our ideas and all we know through our own voice and expertise, just how we know and see it.

Connected and approachable.

Through meaningful and healthy relationships with our audience and partners (home owners and carpet cleaners), we strive to provide a relate-able path to quality services, knowledge and discovery.


We love what we do and do not take ourselves too seriously. We share knowledge in a fun and easy to understand way but very cautions about quality.

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